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Wrapping up 30 days of biking

Area 12 in full spring swing

Area 12 in full spring swing

On day 29 of my #30daysofbiking pledge, I hit Area 12 again, and I’m glad for the experience.  Spring has finally sprung in central Indiana.  Bright white clouds were adrift across the deep blue sky, the buds were bursting, and the fields were lush with grass and flowers.

This was a lunch break ride, and I was particularly struck by the beauty of the gray and white bark of the sycamore trees along the Big Blue River, front-lit by sunlight and backlit by sky.

As April is wrapping up, and I’m about to be released from my #30daysofbiking pledge, I tell you plainly that I’m not ready to give it up.  So I won’t.  May 1st begins the League of American Bicyclists’ (I’m a card carrying member) National Bike Challenge.  My new pledge is that I will be in the top one percent on September 30th.  I’ll end with my recent Facebook post discussing the last day of my 30 day pledge.

“Through cold, wind, rain, and more wind, I rode my bicycle every day for the past 30 days. I joined 6,973 other cyclists at ‪#‎30daysofbiking‬, taking the pledge to ride every day. I learned a few things from this experience. First, there is no such thing for me as a “biking season” now. I will consider every day that I’m not able to ride as an incomplete day.

Vista:  Mauxferry Road looking south.

Vista: Mauxferry Road looking south.

“Second, all biking is transportation. If you get in your car, does anyone ask you where you’re going? If you were to say, “to the movies” would people throw their hands up and say, “oh, so its a recreational ride”?

“No. Even if I’m riding down a converted rail trail for fun, it is first and foremost transportation. Finally, you see things completely differently from a bike saddle. In a car, you miss 90 percent of everything. On a bike, you really see and experience things. Now…on to the National Bike Challenge!”

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