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Pleasant surprise

The Kal-Haven Trail in all of its stone dusty glory

The Kal-Haven Trail in all of its stone dusty glory

Sometimes all it takes to get a person motivated is a pleasant surprise, like finding out that something you thought was gone – never to return, is suddenly back with its arms held open for a hug!  Such is the case with the trail videos I shot last August on Michigan’s Kal-Haven Trail.  I shot it on the middle weekend of a two week Army Master Resilience Trainer course at Fort Custer, and when I got done riding and plugged the micro-SD card in my computer’s card reader, I found to my horror that I’d gotten a lovely audio recording and nothing more.  I was more deflated than a football in New England.

Chalk it up to newbie mistakes.  Check and double check your camera’s settings before you head off down the trail, Jim.  Check.  Got it.

That brings me to May.  I’m almost three weeks into the People for Bikes “National Bike Challenge” and have been dutifully riding every day, mostly along the Mount Vernon Trail in Alexandria, Virginia. Late last week I decided to get out my extensive bag of action cam goodies and get some trail footage since everything has greened up nicely and everyone is out running, walking, and biking. I went through all of the micro-SD cards to see which ones I could use to record, and when I snapped the Kal-Haven one into my new (to me) MacBook Air.  Huh. I gasped.  There, in all of their glory, were the missing video files.  I don’t know where they were hidden, or how they got that way, but they were there, and I squealed like a schoolgirl and did a little dance (kidding). But I was elated.

Mind you, they somehow got recorded in 4×3 instead of cinematic, but at this point, I’m not looking a gift trail in the asphalt.  It’ll be up soon in the library, along with the entire 18 mile length of the Mount Vernon Trail.

Until next time, keep pedaling!

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