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New Year’s Revolution

I’m making a new year’s revolution. Yes, I made a New Year’s resolution, too…but that’s a different story. My revolution obviously has to do with wheels, because they go round and round. Ask any kid or dog. It’s not that I’m going to ride more, or ride harder, or anything like that. Don’t get me wrong, I do want to ride more (not necessarily harder) but I’m going to ride my ride. If you know me, you know that I’m active in local bike advocacy. I do charity rides when I can. I have an infatuation with the idea of riding my bike every single day, even if it is for a couple of minutes. Unfaithful infatuation. I’ll get better.

I’m going to ride my ride, and hopefully get more people riding their ride. To me, biking isn’t about spandex, though I wear it a lot. It isn’t about gear, though I own a pretty light Trek road bike. And a hardtail. And a ‘Cross bike. And a ROTS. And a dinky yellow Chinese folding bike. It isn’t about “crushing it” or feats of fifty year old greatness. I’m a has been if I ever was been. But I love bikes. I love riding. I don’t care if I go long, don’t care if I go fast, I just want to go. Some days, there’s nothing better than just cranking along at ten miles per hour drinking in a season in flip flops and tech pants. That’s what I’m going to do this year. When it strikes my fancy to get on my ancient Giant hardtail on some singletrack, I will. When I get the time to bike camp with a CX bike pulling a BOB trailer, I will. When I get the fancy to wrap myself in neon spanks and fly like the wind on my Trek, I will. And if someone asks me what’s so great about biking and how they can get started, I’ll tell them to pull the rusty ten speed out of the garage. I’ll fix it up for ya. And come ride with me, I’ll show you what’s so great. After half an hour, you’ll be so bathed in endorphins you’ll feel like you just started a new life.

I wish everyone such a happy new year. Especially MARTYN ASHTON!

The Legend was going to sell his Colnago, the one he rode in Road Bike Party 2 to pay for his 2016 physical therapy goals. If you missed it, Martyn broke his back in 2013 and can’t turn the cranks anymore, but he and his mates are still hitting the trails with a modded “bucket bike.”

Some of those mates talked him out of selling the bike, suggesting instead that he open a GoFundMe account and allow others the joy of paying it forward and get to take part in a bit of helping out someone who has given so much to cycling over the years. He’s such a positive person! I slipped him a few bucks and you can, too, read this story first and then give!

Martyn wanted to raise 7 thousand pounds (he’s a Brit), and we absolutely blew that out of the water and have slipped him almost 54 grand. How grand that is. Says he wants to use the excess funds to get others with challenges out on bucket bikes and such…you go Martyn.

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  • James Gorman January 4, 2016, 6:50 pm

    Jim…thank you. Cycling world is growing and you are a great contributor to this..

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