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JimOfficeI’m Jim Garlits, and I want to ride my bike for a living.  Though I’m not fast enough for the Tour de France, and driving on the roads can be sort of dangerous these days what with everyone constantly texting and vining while they’re driving, I think I may have struck gold with the Great American Trails video library project.

On a couple of particularly nasty winter days last month, I had the exercise bike set up in front of the big screen TV and was flipping through YouTube videos of trail rides.  Most of them were only five to ten minutes long, and they were as grainy as heck.  I checked some websites for anyone offering workout or “tour” length bike trail videos.

The pickin’s are slim, I must tell you.

And so…here I am.  Within a few months, you’ll come back and click on the Videos page and a few of the trails will be populated with information on how you can get your hands on some epic HD bike trail videos.  Then, as Bob Marley used to say, “Everyt’ing gon’ be all right.”

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