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Full Length Trail Videos We are off to a great start, with seven bike trail videos under our belt, and one hiking video. We gave a lot of thought recently to the availability of our videos and decided to post everything on YouTube. Whether you’re at home watching from your treadmill or recumbent bike, or a Spinning instructor adding a “green exercise” element to your classes, the videos are free to you. If you would like physical copies of our trails, they are also available on Amazon, or you can contact us for bulk orders. We wanted to remove barriers and allow everyone the benefits of exercising “in nature” even if you’re stuck in a room. What are some of the benefits of green exercise?
* The time goes faster
* Your sense of well-being increases
* You recover more quickly

Benefits like these have been associated with outdoor exercise, but I have experienced them first hand at the gym watching these videos from an iPhone 6s sized screen. It really works. And they’re available for free. We obviously want people to get out and experience the trails close to them, and benefit from an active lifestyle based on exercising in nature. But if the only way you can experience that is by turning your screen space into green space, we’re here for you, too. Our goal is to create a real community of active people devoted to the great trails this country has to offer.

Bike trails available now:

The Nickel Plate Trail in Indiana
The Kal-Haven Trail in Michigan
The Mount Vernon Trail in Virginia
The Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail
The Gerry Connelly Cross County Trail in Virginia
The Western Maryland Rail Trail in Maryland
The C&O Canal Tow Path in Maryland

Hiking trails available now:

Symbiosis Poetry Trail in Indiana

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